Ice Cream Taster

Ice Cream Taster

It seems we can pay people to do anything for us these days: walk our dogs, build our furniture, organize our homes ... cuddle with us when we're feeling lonely. That's right: You can hire a professional cuddler to snuggle with you for about $60 an hour. Listen to our podcasts about weird professions and you might start thinking of quitting your job!

Voiced by: Ann Merrill

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

Also known as a taste master, this is one of the jobs to die for. Taste masters are employed to sample a wide variety of different tastes of ice cream and to assess the quality of each flavour based on texture, colour, appearance, smell and other factors in addition to taste.
The job description depends on the employer and the specific role a taster is required to play. Aside determining which flavour would be well appreciated by the public, they are also involved in inventing new ice cream flavours and products. They usually start work early in the morning when the taste buds are in the best condition. A cup of tea also goes a long way to help prepare the taste buds for work.
They can also be employed by dairy companies and serve as marketing representatives. They hand out ice cream samples at supermarkets during ice cream season, which spans from March to September.
To work in this field, you need a very good degree in Food Science, a sense of imagination, patience, healthy taste buds and an objective mind. Specific focuses might include chemistry, business, marketing, brand management, and/or product development. It really isn't as easy as it sounds.

With the right training and educational background, an Ice cream taster can earn an average salary of approximately $50,000 a year!

As well as possibly being the most fun job in the world, a career in frozen treat-sampling can be lucrative.