Greeny. Story 3. What a mess!

Greeny. Story 3. What a mess!

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Story 3. What a mess!

I get up in the morning and I want to do something interesting today. I like reading, so I want to take an English book from the library, get a cup of hot tea and enjoy reading… I get out of my bed and what can I see? There is a total mess in all the classrooms! Well, I should clean and tidy up! There are many pens and pencils on the desks. I need to put them into the pencil box. There are books on the chairs and note books under the chairs. I take them and put on the bookshelf. I can see a ruler under the table and many crayons and markers in the corridor. I collect them and put into the pencil box. There is a sharpener and a rubber on the floor. I put them in a drawer. There are paper clips on the floor and there are scissors on the table. I collect all the paper clips, take the scissors and put them in the drawer. I notice many pictures and words on the whiteboard. So, I clean the whiteboard. There is a computer on the windowsill. I put the computer into the cupboard. Ok, everything is clean and tidy. Now I can read a book and drink my tea. And you, children, don't forget to clean up after the lessons!