Greeny Celebrates Halloween

Greeny Celebrates Halloween

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There are so many holidays in autumn. But Greeny's favourite holiday is Halloween.

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Voiced by Sophia Pelivanova

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

Greeny Celebrates Halloween

There are so many holidays in autumn. And today is one of my favourite - Halloween.

“Pinky, do you know what Halloween is?” – I ask.

“Well, it's a holiday, but I don't know why we celebrate it.”

“Then I will tell you. Many years ago people believed that on October 31 spirits of dead came to our world. People were afraid of those spirits and wanted to scare them off. So, they dressed up as monsters, skeletons or witches and made jack-o-lanterns to protect their homes.”

“Made what?” – asks Pinky, she looks scared.

I smile:

Jack-o-lanterns, Pinky. These are pumpkins with carved faces and candles inside.”

“Greeny, can they really protect our home from vampires, werewolves and goblins?”

“Yes, they can. Let's make one!”

We take a pumpkin and a knife. Pinky helps me to carve a face in a pumpkin. Then we put a candle inside. Our jack-o-lantern is ready. Pinky wants to put it next to the door in her flat. And while she is away I want to make a joke. I change all my clothes to white and say magic words – “Teeny-Beeny-Greeny” – now I can fly. Pinky comes back, she can't see me.

“Where are you, Greeny?” – she calls me.

I say “Booo!” and fly to Pinky. She screams but then laughs:

“Greeny! You scared me! You look like a ghost. But I like your Halloween outfit. I also want to have one.”

“Ok, Pinky. What would you like to be? A witch? A skeleton? A monster?”

“No, Greeny. I know my magic – Dinky-Winky-Pinky” and her clothes are black, she looks like a black cat. “Wow!” – I'm surprised.

Trick or treat?” – says Pinky. I laugh. Halloween is a very fun holiday.



  • holidays – праздники
  • autumn – осень
  • favourite – любимый
  • Halloween – Хэллоуин
  • celebrate – праздновать
  • believed – верили
  • people – люди
  • spirits – духи
  • dead – мертвый
  • world – мир
  • were afraid – боялись
  • scare off – отпугнуть
  • dressed up – переодевались
  • monsters – монстры
  • skeletons – скелеты
  • witches – ведьмы
  • jack-o-lantern – светильник Джека
  • protect – защищать
  • scared – напуганный
  • pumpkins – тыквы
  • carved faces – вырезанные лица
  • candles – свечи
  • inside – внутри
  • vampires – вампиры
  • werewolves – оборотни
  • goblins – гоблины
  • knife – нож
  • next to – рядом с
  • flat – квартира
  • door – дверь
  • make a joke – пошутить
  • change – менять
  • clothes – одежда
  • white – белый
  • magic words – волшебные слова
  • fly – летать
  • call – звать
  • scream – кричать
  • laugh – смеяться
  • ghost – привидение
  • outfit – костюм
  • black cat – черный кот
  • surprised – удивлен
  • trick or treat – "шалость или угощение"