Greeny. Story 13. Pinky Visits Her Granny

Greeny. Story 13. Pinky Visits Her Granny

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Pinky visits her Granny. Listen to her adventures there! 

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Voiced by Sophia Pelivanova

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Story 13. Pinky Visits Her Granny

In the morning I wake up and look at my magic apple. I can hear Pinky. She says:

“Greeny, I am going to visit my grandma. I will stay there all week”.

“But Pinky” – I say, - “one week – it's so long, I will miss you.”

“Don't worry, Greeny, I will write you a letter”.

A letter – is a great idea. So, Pinky goes away and I start waiting for her letter. On Monday I check my mail box and there is nothing, on Tuesday I check it again – and there is no letter. But on Wednesday I get a letter from Pinky. I start reading:

“Dear Greeny,” - writes Pinky- “It is very nice here. Let me tell you about my day. I get up early in the morning and make my bed. Then I brush my teeth and have a shower. At 9 o'clock my granny and I have breakfast. Then we do housework and work in the garden. I always help my grandma. My granny has a pet – it's a dog and his name is Woof. I feed and walk the dog. In the afternoon we have dinner. After dinner we go for a walk. Then I go home and listen to the music. In the evening I go to bed. That is how I spend time here. See you soon, Pinky."

I like this letter. It's very interesting. I am sad and I miss Pinky, but when I read her letter again I don't feel lonely.



  • in the morning – утром
  • wake up – просыпаться
  • hear – слышать
  • visit – посещать
  • grandma, granny – бабушка
  • stay – оставаться
  • week – неделя
  • miss – скучать
  • worry – беспокоиться
  • write – писать
  • letter – письмо
  • great idea – отличная идея
  • go away – уезжать
  • wait – ждать
  • check – проверять
  • mail box – почтовый ящик
  • nothing – ничего
  • again – снова
  • nice – хорошо
  • tell – рассказывать
  • day – день
  • get up – вставать
  • early – рано
  • make my bed – заправлять мою постель
  • brush my teeth – чистить зубы
  • have a shower – принимать душ
  • have breakfast – завтракать
  • do housework – заниматься домашними делами
  • work – работать
  • garden – сад
  • help – помогать
  • pet – домашний любимец
  • feed – кормить
  • walk the dog – выгуливать собаку
  • in the afternoon – днем
  • have dinner – обедать
  • go for a walk – идти на прогулку
  • go home – идти домой
  • listen to the music – слушать музыку
  • in the evening – вечером
  • go to bed – идти спать
  • spend time – проводить время
  • sad – грустный
  • feel – чувствовать
  • lonely – одинокий