My Life As An Expat

My Life As An Expat

What it’s like – to live in Ukraine as an expat? Listen to the Chad’s story! 


Voiced by Loni

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

For some reason, about 50% of the people I have met in my life as an expat always ask me: “Why would you want to leave the USA? It's the greatest place to live, right?” My response is always the same, which is: “Where do you get an idea like this?” And they always say it's because of what they see in movies or TV shows. Well, I than inform them that movies and TV shows are m fake make believe and are not reality. If the USA was so great, I would be there right now.
My life is much better being an expat. Yes, living in other countries has its difficulties. One example is the toughest issue: the language barrier. It's hard to learn a new language when your time is limited. People always tell me to practice with your Ukrainian friends, but with me, the American they always want to practice English. But that's okay, because it’s normal. The next issue is the culture shock. However, this is not permanent, but it is a serious issue for the first few weeks. Not everybody can get through it. Having to get used to new surroundings, eat new foods, make new friends, basically hitting the reset button of your comfortable life in your home country. Lastly, the journey back home. The last time I visited the USA, it was bad. It felt like visiting a new country because I was gone for too long. I could not wait to leave the country again. I cannot get a job sitting at a desk answering phone calls all day or working in a restaurant.
So my life has completely adjusted to being an American living in a foreign country. I don't have any desire to go home for a long time, this is my life now. Every day is a challenge and an adventure and I have gotten used to this lifestyle and I cannot go back to the dull life in the USA.