The American Dream Is Long Gone

The American Dream Is Long Gone

Why does everyone think that the USA is the best place to live? Listen to our podcast written by an American citizen, who believes that American dream is long gone!

Voiced by Chad Albright

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

Why does everyone think that the USA is the best place to live? As a citizen of the USA, I can tell you that that is not true because if it was, I would be there right now and not overseas teaching English. In this podcast, I intend to inform you, the listener, of the facts of life of living in the USA. The first thing to mention is if you don't have a car in the USA, you are considered a bum. The USA is a humongous country with by far the worst public transportation system in the world and if you ride the bus every day, people will see you as a loser. So you are forced to buy a car even if you cannot afford one because after all, you have to work and buy food.
Next, I want to mention our healthcare system and how it is so corrupt. Our hospitals are great but expensive. If you don't have medical insurance and need to go to the Emergency Room, you can expect to pay at least $300. Lots of U.S. Citizens lose their homes because they are unable to pay their mortgage and medical bills at the same time. The healthcare system is a for-profit business in the USA, even though the industry says it is not.
Also, everything is way more expensive in the USA compared to other countries I have visited (except for Great Britain). It is cheaper to buy one double cheeseburger from McDonald's than it is to buy two apples from a grocery store. In Ukraine, I can buy about 10 apples for the price of one apple in the USA.
Finally, since Barack Obama has been president (8 years), there have been 23 mass shootings in the USA. It is certainly not Obama's fault, but there are so many guns in my country, it is easier to illegally buy a gun than it is to purchase a gun the legal way. It is far too easy for the wrong person to get their hands on a gun.