Inventions Inspired By Nature

Inventions Inspired By Nature

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Everyday our wonderful Mother Nature inspires us to create amazing things. If you want to know more about them - listen to our podcast!

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Everyday our wonderful Mother Nature inspires us to create amazing things. And today I'd like to present several fantastical technological inventions that would've never happened if it wasn't for the Nature.
Velcro. George de Mestral is the author of this brilliant invention. He came up with this idea while picking burs out of his dog's fur. The hooks on a strip of Velcro are designed exactly like the bur's hooks, which make it very sticky.
The designers of the bullet train in Shinkansen were inspired by a kingfisher. This bird can dart into water at high speed without making a lot of wavelets. So to decrease the level of noise from their high-speed trains, Japanese engineers borrowed the bird's shape.
Mercedes-Benz Bionic is a car that looks like a fish. The body of this concept car, released in 2005, was inspired by the aerodynamic shape of the yellow boxfish.
Shark Skin Coating. The uniqueness of a shark's skin is that it reduces drag and doesn't let microorganisms build up on the surface. The scientists took it as a pattern for creating a coating for boats with similar advantages.
COM-BAT Spy Plane was developed at the University of Michigan. This is a six-inch spy plane that uses the wing anatomy and communication style of bats.
Spider-Inspired Glass. Some spiders protect their webs from birds flying into and ruining them with an extra layer that reflects UV rays. German engineers used the same strategy to prevent birds from smacking into the windows. They created ornilux glass that is glazed with a special pattern visible to birds, and invisible to humans.
Dolphins inspired EvoLogics to invent an underwater sensor that emits high-frequency signals to detect and report underwater earthquakes, a presage of tsunamis.