Relationship. Phrasal Verbs.

Relationship. Phrasal Verbs.

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It's always easier to learn words in context! 

This story will help you to learn some phrasal verbs. 

Listen and learn!


Listen to the list of phrasal verbs from this story. 


Voiced by Sophia Pelivanova

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Relationship. Phrasal Verbs

Hi, guys :)

Today, I'm going to tell you a story with phrasal verbs.

There once lived a girl named Cathy. She was very beautiful and clever, and a boy named Daniel fell in love with her, meaning that he started loving her, started having feelings for her.

He looked up her telephone number in the phone book, found her number, and called her to ask her out, which means that he asked her to go on a date with him to the movies.

She refused many times. But he kept on asking her, which means he continued to do so. He didn't give up, he didn't stop asking her to go on a date.

After he'd asked her more than ten times she gave in, which means she said “yes” even if she didn't want to.

They went on several dates and started to go out, which means they became a boyfriend and girlfriend.

They dated for several months, and then they fell out, they had a big argument.

Cathy and Daniel almost split up because of their fight, meaning that they almost stopped their relationship, but luckily, they made up, which means apologized to each other and stopped fighting.

They got on well together after that, which means that they had a good relationship.

After thinking it over, which means considering, Daniel finally found the courage to ask Cathy to marry him.

She didn't want to take such a big step at first, but Daniel talked her into it, which means persuaded her.

They got married in spring, and lived happily ever after.

They have already brought up, which means raised, two kids, and they look back on, which means remember, their first meeting with gentle smiles on their faces.

Thank you for listening or reading :) See you soon! :)