Detective story. Part 9

Detective story. Part 9

If you like to solve puzzles and give your mind exercise, you should definitely listen to our detective story. Trying to catch the killer before he or she’s revealed will sharpen your senses of observation and problem solving. Not to mention the fact that you will really enjoy the story itself and learn new words.

Voiced by: Laura Buell

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

Sharp needles of rain were pattering on the window.

“It's going to be another lousy day!” – Logan was taking his black suit out of the wardrobe.

“What an irony!” – He thought. He had worn this suit only once on his first working day. And he was going to wear it now, on his last…

The sound of mobile phone made him shudder.

“Yeah… All the funeral arrangements have been made. I'm on my way.”


“… He was a good friend of mine, loyal and reliable, honest and brave. Indeed, Jesus takes the best of us…”

“If that's true, you'll live forever! What a lying sack of shit!” – Logan thought. Meanwhile one of the notorious New York gangsters continued:

“I can see his family here. Their sorrow is vast. But I promise to take care of them…”

“Yeah, right! But first he'll take care of his money!” – Logan whispered.

“Cut it off! It's none of your business any more!” – Idaho looked exhausted. The last week had been difficult. Too many things had happened and he needed to sort them out.

Mr. Jacobson, Old Jackal, tragically died in the fire set in his cottage. The police officers worked effectively this time, which wasn't strange taking into account all the pressure put on them from different VIP people. They soon found the criminal, who turned out to be Steven. Left without a penny, he came to the end of his tether and decided to kill somebody who had betrayed him.

“Crime never pays” – Idaho muttered. Logan grinned.


Several hours later the two of them were sitting in Idaho's apartment drinking tequila.

“What are you going to do now?” – asked the host.

“I don't know. Take a holiday. You?”

“I was thinking we could...”

“What, have dinner some time? I'm afraid you are not my type! Sorry!”

Asshole! I was thinking we could start an agency… Honestly, I'm fed up with working for the rich bad guys!”

“Well, you know me. Give me another no-name blonde Jane Dow to find in New York City and I'm on board!”

“She isn't blonde! Are you in?”

“What? Her again? Damn! Of course, I'm in! But seriously, man, I think you like her! I don't know any other woman you have been so loyal to! Here's to Lola-Rose-Michelle-Stella-Dakota, the woman who has made the impossible!” – He laughed and drank.

“Don't worry, man, we'll definitely find her! At least to find out who the hell is Joseph Binet!”


What a fantastic invention the internet is! Even an ocean away from home you can find out the latest news and enjoy the events taking place there. Somebody likes art exhibitions; others prefer sports competitions or simply friends' weddings. But the girl sitting in a café in Prague was not interested in that. She was watching a funeral…

Soon she asked for the bill and left. She was strolling down this fascinating city, different thoughts were crossing her mind. She remembered her family and how happy they used to be, she remembered the tragedy that had taken them away and her life after it. She had to lie, steal and blackmail to make the criminals pay for it. Did she feel sorry? Who knows.

Meanwhile the girl came to the place she had been heading for. It was a bank.

“I would like to make a money transfer.”

“Sure, fill in the forms, please!”

She was sending the money to a lawyer in New York who would then use them to pay for the bills from the clinic Joseph was in. The lawyer would send her all the documents to a post office box in Prague.
“I guess, I should ask him to send Joseph's photo as well” – she smiled. She had seen this guy only once, in a state hospital where he was about to die as he didn't have any medical insurance or relatives who would pay for a costly treatment. He was nobody, no past, or present, or future… A perfect candidate for her plan.  Steven was looking for a hook. She needed to show him something that would guarantee her loyalty. And that was Joseph, a man she had never met, but who had turned out to be the only alive person she cared for…

“Why do I always get interested in somebody I meet only once? That doesn't give any chance for relationships!” – She smiled again and went to her favorite place in Prague, the Karl Bridge. There was a special spot where people made wishes. She made one too. Did she know that all the wishes made there come true? But that's going to be another story…