Motivate Yourself

Motivate Yourself

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Are you looking for motivation to learn English? 

This podcast is for you!


Voiced by Sophia Pelivanova

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Motivate Yourself

Hello, guys!
Today I'm going to tell you how to motivate yourself when learning English!

And my first tip is, DON'T JUST sit there, DO SOMETHING! English doesn't learn itself, it won't improve all on its own, you've gotta do something in order to achieve the result you need.

My second tip is – you can do it! I know you can! Believe in yourself. If you don't believe in yourself, you are discouraged from the very beginning, and that won't do.

Play games in English. Some good ones are blockhead, alias and activity. Get a group together and play Mafia on Thursday evenings. Of course, in English. Make it your tradition.

Take a piece of paper. Write down all the words you know in English. Now write down all the constructions you know. See how much you've done already? Maybe you even needed another piece of paper.

Set yourself possible and real goals. Don't say that you will learn 1000 words this week. You won't. But you can learn 10 words a day, and that will make 70 a week, and around 300 a month. Quite a bunch, I would say!

Motivate yourself. This is very important. Think of a prize for yourself for every 50 words you learn, or every 5 new grammar topics, or a test without mistakes. You'll be surprised how fast you can learn!

Try to realize that nobody, not even native speakers, know English in full measure. There will always be things you don't know, and that's perfectly normal.

Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Mistakes mean that you're moving on, you're learning from them and you'll try not to make the same mistakes again. Mistakes are good! They show progress!

You will not learn English overnight. You will not learn it in a day or a month. The process is gradual, it requires time. Don't become depressed if you can't speak English like a native right now. Or in a month. Just keep it up! And you will get there.

If you're feeling lonely in your attempts, find a friend who is also studying English. It's much more fun to learn together! Or join a group of learners. You will learn English AND find new friends at the same time!

When you learn something, always think – when and where will I need this? Why am I doing this? How will it help me? Understanding your goals is very important.

Be patient with yourself. Do not think that if you understand something you will start using it at once. Learning is a process, and quite an interesting one.

Do you like computer games? If yes, then play one in English!

If you like TV series, like House M.D. or How I met your mother, go ahead and watch your favorite episodes in English. You'll understand what they're talking about, and you'll improve your listening skills while having fun.

Rewards would be nothing without punishments. Set a punishment for yourself if you don't do your homework, or don't learn any new words that day. For example, no new episode of your favorite sitcom, or a money fine. Put it in a box and use it to buy yourself a reward later on

Don't think that English is very difficult. 

Believe in yourself and set real goals. Trust yourself, you can do this! Relax and enjoy. You are not running a marathon. This is just English. And good luck!