If you don’t know (as well as I didn’t know)what ‘satori’ means then listen to our podcast!


Voiced by Cheryl White, Charlie Felter

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

- “Satori sedai” - is that some kind of sushi?
- It's Japanese for the “ enlightened generation.”
- Cool. So what, you're like, better than us?
- Not at all. Being better is not our goal. In fact, we have no goals, no ambition, no plans, no desires.
- Hold on. You're 20 and you don't want…anything?
- That's right.
- But like, why?
- I already have what I need. I make do with what I have.
- You must come from a rich family then – old money, born with a silver spoon in your mouth, that sort of thing?
- No, my family is quite ordinary.
- Then what's your financial situation?
- I work part-time, irregularly. I don't care about career advancement. I live at home with my parents and money I earn, I don't spend.
- You don't go out? Don't travel? Don't shop? Don't party?
- No.
- Wow, girls must think you're a real catch.
- I don't date.
- Seriously? What do you do?
- Not much, really. I don't see myself doing anything remarkable so why bother doing anything at all? I am content with basic things, I like nothing.
- Except willpower and motivation.
- People call us “arch-realists” – we don't fall for phony needs created by marketers; we live prudently, sustainably. By keeping things small we're keeping it real.
- I don't buy this self-awareness crap. Everybody wants something.
- Well, since you brought it up… I kind of want to punch you in the face right now.
- Yeah, I tend to have that effect on the enlightened.