Indian Food

Indian Food

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Voiced by: Bob Skinner

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When I have learnt that most Indians are vegetarians it was too late to cancel my trip. Why, you will ask? Because I'm an absolute meatarian. And if there is one thing I'd put money on: I will never stop eating meat. So, getting back to Indian food I can say that being a vegetarian in that country is a piece of cake. I myself proved that.
As an introduction, it's worth noting that we were lucky to live next to a wonderful restaurant with just a magic chef. Looking at this miniature man you would never say he is doing what he is doing. That restaurant specializes in local and European cuisines, but we deliberately avoided the European one for obvious reasons.
Basically Indian food can be described as unique and very different. Spices (like cumin, black pepper, cardamom, clove and coriander) prevail in any dish. The abundance of seafood makes it not only tasty but a healthy one. The main ingredients are of course vegetables and rice. And they can be prepared in a variety of ways: fried, stewed, boiled or grilled. Bread however is baked in a special way using a special oven called tandoori. My favorite kind of bread was a flatbread called “naan” (try it with garlic and spices on top). The more I stayed in India the more I grew on their special kind of cheese named “paneer”. Its texture is moist and soft. And it's not salty therefore it can be used in many dishes.
As India is a tropical country you can imagine the amount of different fruits grown there. All of them, including coconuts, papaya, mango, dragon fruit and bananas are used in the most delicious smoothies and milkshakes.