Geniuses' Mindset

Geniuses' Mindset

How Geniuses Work? When Mozart became Mozart? Is Genius Born or Can It Be Learned? Listen to this podcast if you are smart enough.

Voiced by Vivica Williams

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Usually we think that geniuses are some sort of unique thinkers who are very different from the rest of us and who are rather mysterious. They have extraordinary abilities which lead them to discoveries and inventions.
But what we don't see and realize is the great efforts they put in and how hard they work to achieve their goals. Of course, geniuses have certain similar traits and high IQs, but their main common features are persistence and diligence.
Sure, wonder children do exist, but not all geniuses were born special. Steve Jobs had been expelled from a college, Einstein was slow to speak, and Richard Branson suffers from dyslexia. Hard work made them outstanding.
But there are certain everyday genius traits that any of us can master to maximize our creative abilities. Let's see…
Geniuses perceive the world not like the rest of us. They refuse taking things just the way they are. They question everything. Einstein discovered his Theory of Relativity when he doubted and disputed one of Newton's theories. To achieve big you have to think big. Average mindset simply won't make you successful.
Geniuses aren't afraid to leave their comfort zone, as they now that it is only this way that they can achieve and develop success. The colonization of America would not have happened if Christopher Columbus hadn't risked navigating across the Atlantic Ocean.
Geniuses always speak up for what they truly believe in, in spite of the fact that it may cause some serious troubles. At the time when everyone believed the Earth was flat, the Greek philosopher Aristotle affirmed that it was spherical.
Geniuses don't try their best, but they are determined to achieve their best. Being average is unacceptable for them. They set exceptional goals and build a plan to achieve them. In this way the greatest discoveries in the history of humanity have been made. This kind of mindset let Isaac Newton discover the law of gravity, as well as Alexander Bell – to invent the telephone. Only doing something nobody has ever done before leads to innovation.
Geniuses don't know the word “impossible”. If you can imagine it, you can make it. Fifty years ago touch screen was just a fantasy; today it is one of the most common things. Before Henry Ford achieved success with his Ford Motor Company, he failed twice.
Geniuses have their own idea about perfection and they don't accept any other. Usually people achieve some level that seems to be enough, meanwhile geniuses are never satisfied and they continue on to the next level. You probably know that the first computer took up a whole room and its capabilities were very limited. It's nothing comparing to modern computers. And it's not the limit yet.
Geniuses prefer to spend most of their time in solitude. This way they avoid all kinds of distraction and focus on their projects. Most geniuses have a lot of energy and drive thanks to their curious and fast-thinking minds. They direct this energy towards the projects and achieve success.
You own the unique talents by nature. You have a certain amount of energy as well. If you combine your talents, energy, passion and hard work, you'll achieve phenomenal results. Just try it!