Have you ever visited a church where there is no God? There is a church in Canada which is led by an atheist! Check it out!

Voiced by Bob Skinner

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At West Hill church you won't hear a mention of God. You won't find a single Bible or any other religious symbol. No wonder, since the church is led by an avowed atheist.
Gretta Vosper has been a minister at West Hill since 1997. When she was asked whether she believes in God, her respond was: “Yes, metaphorically”. According to Ms. Vosper, God is just another word for goodness, compassion and love. And there's no supernatural divine being that intervenes in human affairs. The services here at West Hill consist of moral teachings rather than emphasizing on religious doctrine. References to God became talk of love and compassion. Prayers were replaced by community sharing time.
Strangely enough, the leaders of the United Church of Canada were intrigued and not only let but encouraged Ms. Vosper to continue. What else to expect from the progressive church that allowed openly gay men and women to lead ministries?
There are very strong arguments from those who support Gretta Vosper and those who disagree with her statements. Consequently, the Toronto conference of the United church had to carry out a review to decide whether church can have an atheist minister? I'm sorry; this is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard!
But let's face it, she doesn't teach her congregation anything bad. In her sermons she appeals for love and compassion. On the other hand, her atheistic statements don't fit the pulpit of a Christian church. This is not the place to proclaim that there's no God. What is this world coming to if the Church tolerates this absurd?