Cats Are Serial Killers

Cats Are Serial Killers

If cats were killing people, they would wipe out 41% of the human population every year!


Voiced by: Chad Albright

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Your cute and cuddly cat is a mass murderer! I know this sounds like a funny joke, but it is sadly true. In the USA alone, there is an estimated 84,000,000 cats, and one out of every three is a murderous cat. That means that there are 28,000,000 serial killer cats in the USA. On average, a cat that kills animals will kill upon an average of two per week. Two a week, big deal, right? YES! Multiply that by 28,000,000 (the estimated amount of killer cats) and you get 56,000,000 animal deaths per week. Next, multiply that number by 52 (number of weeks in a year) and you get 2,912,000,000 animal deaths every year!

Keep in mind that these cats are well-fed, domesticated housecats. So if all of these cats are not starving and have no choice but to kill for survival, then why are they doing this? Cats are killing other animals for the fun of it! A human who kills for fun is called a serial killer. Also, keep in mind, that are almost as many feral cats in the USA and we can't keep track of how much they are killing small animals, but probably more. So what can we do? I don't know because I am a cat lover and I can't imagine a world without these cute and cuddly little serial killers!