Hotel Porter. Part 2. Clothes

Hotel Porter. Part 2. Clothes

Mr Truman is a hotel porter. 

But his life is not boring at all!

Let's listen to what happens to him this time. 


Written and voiced by Arina Sidorkina

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Hotel Porter. Part 2. Clothes

It was quite a hot day. Everyone was dying of thirst; the air was almost like jam and you could hardly breathe. People tried to wear as little clothes as possible and preferred T-shirts, shorts and flip-flops. Every guest coming to the hotel asked for a glass of water first and only after that started checking in. Mr. Truman was standing at the door welcoming people and enjoying fresh air from the nearest air conditioner.

At about noon a small dog came up to the front door and tried to enter the lobby. Every time Mr. Truman had to drive the dog away, but the dog was very persistent and didn't give up. That small fight between the dog and Mr. Truman attracted people's attention and was getting more and more noisy and annoying. But Mr. Truman couldn't do anything. He bent over backwards to send the dog away, but only made it worse. The receptionist was standing in the lobby and sweating in his uniform. The dark blue uniform consisted of a white shirt, a plaid waistcoat, trousers and a jacket. And it was especially uncomfortable in such hot weather. He noticed Robert's struggle and said:

- Poor dog! He is lost. It's such bed luck!

- You never know, - said Robert Truman – whether it is for the better or not.

In a while a tall men wearing odd yellow suit came up to Mr. Truman and said:

- Mister, I see you are in a trouble. I was walking along the pavement and a block or two from here I saw a lost pet announcement. The dog which is missing looks exactly like this one. Maybe you can just return this dog to its master and kill two birds with one - stone. You can get rid of the dog and make a difference.

- Oh, thank you, sir! That's brilliant advice. You helped me a lot, - replied Mr. Truman.

Then Mr. Truman grabbed the little dog and walked towards the street lamp with the announcement.
He found out the address and was going to return the poor dog to its owner.

When the porter arrived at his destination, a young woman met him in the yard. Despite that terrible heat the young lady was wearing denim blue overall. But she obviously had a perfect body and a very pretty face.

- Miss, I found your dog near Hyde Park. One man noticed your advertisement, so I decided to deliver the dog to you. What is his name, by the way?

- Oh, it's very kind of you, but the dog is not mine, - said the woman.

- It is such a pity, Miss. I am sorry about your dog but this dog has also lost his home. And to tell the truth I don't know what to do with him now.

The young lady thought for a while and then asked to leave her the dog.

- I will keep it. I'm afraid I will not find my dog, and I'm used to having a pet at home. So this dog may cheer me up.

- Miss, you are a generous person with a big heart. It was nice to talk to you and have a good day.

When Mr. Truman came back to the hotel, he told everybody this story and the receptionist expressed his excitement:

- That's great! The dog has found a new home! Isn't it great, Mr. Truman?

- We will see, Garry, we will see. You never know what is good and what is not.

Two days have passed and everybody in the hotel stopped talking about the lost dog story when suddenly they noticed a woman walking on the other side of the road. It was the woman who had lost her dog and now she was walking two dogs. Perhaps one dog was hers and another one was the dog Mr. Truman found. The hotel stuff assumed she wanted to return the dog because she had found her own dog. The receptionist and Mr. Truman were discussing the incident trying to guess what was going to happen.

- I'm telling you, Mr. Truman, it's such a trouble for us! She is going to leave the dog with us! I'm sure!

- Don't draw a hasty conclusion, my friend. You never know if it is trouble or good luck, - said Mr. Truman.

Nevertheless that young lady was not going to return the dog- she wanted to thank Mr. Truman because now she has two wonderful dogs and is twice happier. Do you think this is good news? We will see. Mr. Truman says you never know.