If The Suit Fits

If The Suit Fits


Don’t do fashion. Be fashion!


Voiced by Cheryl White

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

"Somebody should tell her about that dress, who is her stylist? That outfit looks awful. You should get a new stylist. What happened to your hair? It looks like a dead rat! How can you wear that horrible thing on television?..." Daily criticism about his coworker's outfit led news reporter Karl Stefanovic to take drastic measures against discrimination in the fashion industry. For one whole year, Karl wore the same outfit to work every single day--his favorite dark blue suit. The only thing that changed was his tie and shirt.
For 365 days, Karl's trusty indigo suit kept him company on the big screen. And the crazy thing is, nobody noticed! Stylists, viewers and fashion critics didn't have a thing to say about it. This goes to prove that there is a whole lot of sexism going on in the fashion industry.

For a guy, he needs to shave, shower, pull out one of the 3 collared shirts in his closet, and voila! A woman must wake up an hour earlier, wash, dry and style her hair, using 3 different serums, sprays and gels. She opens her closet and descends into that black hole of despair "I don't have anything to wear!" while staring at 5000 dresses and 346 different blouses. When she emerges with the 'perfect outfit', it has to fit every fashion standard existing. It can't be high-waisted jeans if she doesn't want to look too '80's, but it can't be too trendy or she'll be called 'too modern'.
Styles change constantly in the fashion industry, and no human being can be expected to keep up with them all. Better to just have one beloved, stinky, smelly suit that you absolutely love to wear daily, than to spend half of your life despairing about what to wear the next day.