Where To Meet The One In Kyiv

Where To Meet The One In Kyiv

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If you live in Kyiv and are looking for the Mr. Right, Katletka is here to tell you where to look! 


Voiced by Cheryl White

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

My friend Pampushka is mad about finding her Mr Right. While in bars, she has only met expats craving for “beautiful Ukrainian girls”. In the museums and exhibitions, there were only boring scholars not interested in sex. Her workplace is also not an option. She knows perfectly: don't shit where you eat.

Once we were drinking wine and she was complaining about how lonely she was.
- Dear, where can I go to finally meet the One?

- I'm not an expert, darling, but let me think. The best way to meet the right person is to spend time with people who share your values. Are you serious about recycling? Go to a gathering of eco-activists. Are you into LGBT community? Go to their annual parades. Do you like yoga and meditation? Kyiv is full of yoga clubs, which organize yoga festivals and retreats. If you go to vipassana and spend ten days in silence and meditation, you won't be able to meet a potential partner right there. However, if you meet someone who shares this experience, you'll have a passionate topic in common. As for me, I like finding Misters Right on hiking trips. Ouch, did I say “Misters”? Sorry, of course, there can be only one. Go ahead and enjoy the process.