How To Deal With Criticism

How To Deal With Criticism

Everyone’s a critic, right? Criticizing something or someone is fairly easy. There are two types of criticism: constructive and destructive. It’s important to know the difference between the two so you will know how to handle it well.


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Do you agree that it is not fun when someone criticizes you? I personally don't like criticism at all. But we are not perfect. Sometimes other people don't like us. Sometimes we don't like other people. Very often we express our dislikes - criticism is an inevitable part of life. One needs to learn to deal with it. How does one do that? The most important thing is to understand the difference between destructive and constructive criticism.

Who gives you critical feedback most often? Is this person your friend? Do you value their opinion? Perhaps he or she doesn't mean any harm but simply wants you to improve. Do the things they say sound true? Do you believe these people may be right? Then this is constructive criticism: even if it is delivered in an unpleasant way, focus on the message, not the delivery. It isn't a bad thing to listen to constructive advice.

When you face destructive criticism, ask yourself, why do these people say these hurtful things? Do they feel jealous of you? Do they want to get you to feel bad? Do you plan to allow them to hurt you? Of course you don't! Stay confident. Keep your cool. Don't let their hurtful words get you down. Remember, if they are mean to you, it is their problem, not yours.