Annoying Classmates

Annoying Classmates

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Have you ever got engry or irritated during your yoga class because of annoying classmates? If yes, listen to this podcast and learn how to stay calm.

Voiced by Sydney Shore

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      Many students are very respectful of studios rules, but there are always a few who show no consideration for others.
      It is advisable to arrive 10 minutes before a class. This gives you time to find your spot. I like to be close to the front where I can see the teacher.  
It is good to begin class in a relaxed state. Give yourself a few minutes of quiet time before the class starts.  The student who rushes in late after the class begins shows very little consideration to their fellow students and the teacher.  When they come in they disrupt the atmosphere of the class that the teacher has set.  
     There are other examples of annoying behavior during a class.  Most teachers spend time planning their class.   Figuring out which assanas work for each specific class.  Sometimes there are students who feel they know more than the teacher. They can do their own thing while the rest of the class is following the teacher.  This can be very disruptive to the other students.  It can also be dangerous.  The rogue student may hurt themselves or nearby students.  
     One of the big rules of yoga studios is to turn off your phone during class.   Hearing a phone ring during a quiet meditation ruins the mood for all.  Some students are so selfish that they answer their phones and have conversations while the class is going on.
Yoga teaches us to look inwards.  To be non-judgmental of others and ourselves.  These difficult students teach us to have patience and understanding towards others.  Also makes us look at ourselves to recognize what we may do to annoy our families and friends.