Around Sounds [i] [i:]

Around Sounds [i] [i:]

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Voiced by Bob Skinner, Ann Merrill

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

Peter! Dear, we will have a meal. What are you willing to eat for dinner?
Me? Three biscuits and a piece of cheesecake.
Honey, that's not good evening food… Look at your cheeks! Leave your cheesecake and biscuits for breakfast tea. Let's peel some veggies, clean beans and steam it with beef.
Supreme idea! I picked not a cheap piece of meat in Eastfield this weekend.
(sounds of a ticking clock, cooking and roasting food, pot lids and cutlery)
Peter! Our beans're going to leak! Fix the lid, please! (as if she's yelling it from the shower)
(1- Tension; 2 - sounds are calming down)
P: I did it!
J: Thanks!
(sounds of eating)
J: Yuuummm!
P: Delicious!