Art. Photography

Art. Photography

Let's talk about art with Olena Koshovska. 

The first podcast in this series is about Photography

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Written and voiced by Olena Koshovska

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Art. Photography

“Art” is something that you can not touch, but you can feel it with all your heart and soul. One famous person said that Art is a silent poetry.

I totally agree with this saying and I would like to propose to talk about different sides and aspects of Art.

Why don't we start with photography?

I am almost sure that you have taken photos yourself at least once in your life. What do you usually think looking at the snaps in which you see yourself, other people and places?

What is utterly amazing is that a person will never be able to repeat absolutely the same posture, smile, mood, and head turning. Everything around changes so fast that every moment captured in photos is precious. You can get very good pictures of people at those moments when they don't look into the camera and don't even know that they are being photographed. I have seen some wonderful snapshots at the exhibition recently. There were mostly close-ups of elderly people with their facial expressions featured clearly. What impressed me most was the face of a dark-skinned woman speckled with wrinkles, but her eyes looked still young and beaming. Another photo showed an obvious contrast between youth and age: a proud grandfather was holding a toddler -boy in his hands and every detail of the young and the old faces was strikingly distinctive.

Professionals say that a good picture with nature is possible to be made with the help of a tripod. In this way a photographer can be sure that his or her hands won't tremble and the snapshot could not be spoiled.
What landscapes do you like in the photos most of all? Mountains, the sea, the forest or, maybe, an endless green field or a summer meadow?
The magic is that the blow of the wind is never the same and the petals of a flower are never torn away with the blast that is equal. Spring always looks young and fresh whenever it is shot, summer emits joy and reminds of childhood, winter is innocently white, but in every photo the innocence timidly shows its new angle. And autumn, with its richness of gold and flame, always provokes thinking about something important that has been achieved or missed.

Photography is an Art that collects pieces of life that stand motionless forever.