English with Bottle and Mug

English with Bottle and Mug

Do you know that even crockery has its private life? No? Then listen to our podcast!


Voiced by Cheryl White and Bob Skinner

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

- Hey boo! What's cracking?
- Everything. I am badly out of shape.
- You're out of your mind is what you are! You look fine.
- But I don't feel fine. I've been running on empty.
- Ok, let's shake things up a little, shall we?
- I dunno. Shaking makes me dizzy.
- We should get you to the gym.
- How about you get me to some gin?
- I know a great workout routine, why don't we try it?
- Will it work?
- You bet your bottom!
- Even for me?
- Well, I'm a glass-full kind of mug, so… yeah, it will.
- What do we do?
- First, a little twist…
- Uh-huh…
- Then, a little bend… lower… lower
- Like that?
- Yes! Pour yourself into it!
- I feel lighter already!
- Then my job here is done. Bottoms up!