Detective story. Part 4

Detective story. Part 4

If you like to solve puzzles and give your mind exercise, you should definitely listen to our detective story. Trying to catch the killer before he or she’s revealed will sharpen your senses of observation and problem solving. Not to mention the fact that you will really enjoy the story itself and learn new words.

Voiced by: Laura Buell

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

I want answers!

“Well, here it is! It is not a castle, of course, for such a princess like you, but at least a detached house.”
“But, Glenda, it is beautiful! Absolutely fascinating!” – The house hid among the apple trees and was surrounded with a high fence.

“My husband doesn't like nosy neighbours, you see…” – Glenda explained.

“Nobody does, I suppose” – Rose smiled. In terraced houses nestling one up to another the whole street of neighbours could see you walk in and walk out. So the detached house was definitely a stroke of luck.

While Glenda was looking for the keys and Frank was getting their luggage from the taxi she quickly examined the house: it had two floors – neither big nor small, a tiled roof with a chimney, out of which smoke was coming in winter showing that the owners disregarded central heating and preferred a fireplace; the front door had a funny heart-shaped doorbell.

“Such an unusual doorbell!” – She said.

“Oh, I'm afraid it isn't working. It used to ring a beautiful tune but… Frank! Where are you?”

“I'm coming!”

Glenda finally found the keys and opened the door.

“This is our first floor! There is a kitchen and a living room here. And also a guestroom. The bedrooms and bathrooms are up the stairs on the second floor. Get changed and I'm going to fix some tea!”

“Oh, Glenda, thank you! It's so kind of you!” Rose took her bag and went upstairs.

While she was walking she remembered her own home, her room with the stars on the ceiling, which used to shine at night, the big dining room where the whole family used to have tea in the evening, and of course the attic where she used to hide from the whole world. She would sit among the boxes with old clothes and Christmas decorations and dream away… Tears welled up in her eyes…

“No, for Christ's sake! No! It burnt to the ground! Everything! And everyone! … And this is the only Goddamn reason why I have to finish this!” – Rose tried to pull herself together and looked at the wall where the photographs were hanging: “Frank and Glenda's wedding photos, a child … must be their son… Oh, here he is again. Cute guy! The cute guy and his schoolmates … not interesting…” Suddenly one of the prom photos grabbed her attention though she couldn't understand why. Something about it was very wrong: “Come on! School prom, the cute guy, his schoolmates… Oh, no! That can't be true! How is that Goddamn possible?!...”


The airport was the same crowded and noisy, and it was stuffy! Logan was in desperate need for air conditioning and hard liquid, tequila would do. But he was at work and his boss was somewhere around…

The phone rang. “Speaking of the Devil” – he thought to himself and picked up.

“I'm leaving now, need to see someone. You stay here and watch!”

“But, Boss… I was just wondering…”

“That's NO to tequila but YES to some cold juice.”

“Yeah, right. As if I could find anything cold in this burning hell!”

Idaho smiled and hung up. He quickly left the airport, got in the car and went to a place he had remembered since his schooldays.


“Hello, Mrs. Bi!” – Idaho greeted the old lady who opened the door.

“Hello, kiddo Kids! You haven't dropped by for ages!”

 “I know, had too much things on my plate! Err, is he home?”

“Of course! Where else should he be, I wonder? Come! Come, kiddo!” Idaho entered the house and went upstairs. He knocked the first door on the right and came in without waiting for the answer. He never did.

“Hey, Bills! How's life? …” No answer…

A little bird told me you had some troubles…You know, your troubles are my troubles… just like in high old time…”

“What do you want?”

“I want answers!”

“Come on! I told Steven everything!”

“And now you are going to tell me! My first question is…”

After an hour or so, Idaho left his schoolmate's house. Now he knew what he had to do.