Detective story. Part 6

Detective story. Part 6

If you like to solve puzzles and give your mind exercise, you should definitely listen to our detective story. Trying to catch the killer before he or she’s revealed will sharpen your senses of observation and problem solving. Not to mention the fact that you will really enjoy the story itself and learn new words. 


Voiced by: Laura Buell

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

Mom, are we having guests?

“Hello, sweetie!”

“Hello, Mom!”

“I'm so glad to see you! How are you? Have you eaten anything?”

“Yes, I have!... Err.. Mom, are we having guests?” – Idaho could see there was somebody in the living room.

“Oh, yes. That's my surprise for you! Such a lovely girl!...” – Glenda whispered with a happy smile.

“Oh, Mom! How many times have I asked you?...” – His voice sounded irritated.

“Don't you ever shout at me! You are 34! Should I remind you of my age? I'm sure Our Dear God has already looked through his diary to fix me an appointment! And I want to see grandchildren!”

“And I'm sure that your dear God has better things to do! So do I by the way! I'm leaving!”

“Go and meet her at once!” – Glenda was adamant.

“No! The last one that you tried to palm off was a TV addict. She was only interested in soap operas and reality shows!”

“Yes, Alice was a bit strange but…”

“And the one before her… No, THAT I can't even talk about!”

“Amy? Such an intelligent girl! She worked in an art gallery or an exhibition…” – While Glenda hesitated trying to remember the job details of the failed daughter-in-law Idaho opened the front door saying:

“Whatever! She looked like the main character of the horror movie of the year!... ”

“Well, this one doesn't! Rose, darling!” – Glenda guessed his maneuver and fired her last shot. “Come! I would like you to meet somebody!”


“Oh, my God! I'm so dead!” – Rose was close to the state of panic.

“Come on! Pull yourself together! Nothing's lost yet! Nothing is lost!” – She stood up and looked into the mirror: two black pigtails and a long fringe and glasses of course.

“A student type… OK!... Let's do it!” - She took a deep breath and entered the hall.


“Have you ever been told, Mother, that your obsession with romantic comedies won't do you good? One of those lovely girls may well turn out to be a swindler…” – Idaho whispered angrily as Rose entered the hall.
Fortunately she didn't hear his words.

“Darling! This is our son, Idaho!”

“Nice to meet you, err…”

“Rose. Rose Wild. Nice to meet you!...” – She shook his hand and awkwardly stepped back.

Idaho looked at her with curiosity.

“Idaho, son, entertain our guest while I get us some tea!”

“Oh, no! You shouldn't… I mean, that's very kind of you but I can see that Idaho's in a hurry and…”

“Oh, nonsense! He is not!”

“Well, actually, I am! And I'm sure our guest is too tired to be entertained!”

“Yes, Glenda, really! Your flight is at six. We all need to get some sleep!”

“And I will get you to the airport! I promise!” – Idaho was ready to promise anything just to be able to leave this very moment.

“Well, if you say so!...” – Glenda looked upset but realized she couldn't do anything: this game had already been lost. But she never lost her hope.

“Good night, Miss Wild! Mother!” – Idaho opened the door and quickly left. When he got into the car his mobile rang.


“I was just about to call you! I've got something really big here!” – He said, listened to the answer on the other end and added: “Sure! I'm on my way!” – He hung up and the next second dialed Logan's number.

“How are you there?”

“I'm watching a quiz show! Who was “The Star Wars” movie directed by?”

“George Lucas”


“Listen! I need to find out everything you can about one person. Hobbies, lovers, press publications where this person was mentioned. Every single detail that can be fished out! Go!”

“How am I gonna do that? I'm at the airport, remember?”

Surf the internet! Call friends! What, do I have to teach you?”

“But, Boss!”