Dice Inspectors

Dice Inspectors

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This is one of the weirdest but understandable jobs on this list. Dice inspectors work for a variety of companies. Some of these include State authorities that regulate gaming, casinos where dice are used and even manufacturers who tend to employ people to inspect the dice they make. The dice needs to be as perfect a cube as they can be humanly possible. Casino dice are also made in very specific ways, with some actually bearing a serial number from the casino.
Dice inspectors are employed by casinos for one basic reason - to prevent the possibility of cheating (the dice inspectors mostly inspect dice before they go out on the playing room floor, though if there is some doubt, they may be called in to inspect dice that are out there already)
Keep in mind that casinos and dice manufacturers are obsessed with security. Therefore, if you ever want to work in this field, you would need to pass a background check before being employed.
One thing is for sure, no schools exist for dice inspectors. As such, it is only reasonable to assume that most people who work in this rare field get their training by learning from an existing dice inspector.
However, given that the job requires a lot of training and accuracy, the casinos usually require people to have at least a college degree, only to prove that they are studious people who can be trusted to take the time to learn about the job.
Dice inspectors earn upwards of $25000 a year. A great way of earning money just by using their keen sense of observation!