Reading Is The New Sexy

Reading Is The New Sexy


These days a lot of people post pics of their books shelves on FB and Instagram. But do they really read them?


Voiced by Cheryl White

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Forget about the fact that I'm a dish. I've always been a book lover. By the end of school I had read the complete works by Agatha Kristi and Anton Chekhov. Later, when I was a university student, I felt that there is something wrong about reading. When looking through long reading lists I realized that this is freaking impossible to read all of those books! I'll never read all books I want to read! And all these terrible writers keep writing new books! More and more!

My friends participate in readers' flashmobs posting pics of their bookshelves on Facebook and Instagram. Honestly, I doubt they really read them. Once I head the word “anti-library”, a term made up by Umberto Eco. “Anti-library” means all those books in your home library you haven't read yet. To be honest, my anti-library is bigger than the bunch of the books I've read. And does it really matter whether you read top philosophy books or just enjoy Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love? Maybe there is an easy answer. When it goes about books, stop being a perfectionist. Keep calm and enjoy reading.