Going Out For a Bite

Going Out For a Bite

How to invite a friend for a bite? 

Listen to this dialogue to learn some useful phrases. 


Voiced by Olena Koshovska and Sophia Pelivanova.

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Going Out For a Bite

– Hi! What have you been up to?

– Not very busy, actually. Any ideas?

– Well, I was wondering if you'd like to go out for a bite.

– Sure. What do you have in mind?

– I feel like having something Italian.

– I wouldn't mind Italian. I know a really good place, not far.

– What's the name of it?

– Marcello. They serve the tastiest lasagna in town.

– How do I get there?

– It's on the corner of Pine and Oak. It's only ten minute-walk from your work place.

– The corner of Pine and Oak… I think I could find that. What time are we meeting then?

– Why don't we meet at 7 o'clock?

– Perfect, 7 o'clock. See you there!

– See you!