Enjoy Your Meal

Enjoy Your Meal

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Food is very important for our body. So let's talk about food!

Voiced by Mary Mironova

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Enjoy Your Meal

Are you hungry? What would you like to eat right now? I want some coffee with a piece of chocolate cake. Hm… yummy.

Food is very important for our body. My morning never starts without a good breakfast. Sometimes, I have scrambled eggs or pancakes with syrup. I like this traditional American breakfast. I also drink orange or apple juice.

Do you have breakfast?
What is your favorite food for breakfast?
Do you drink coffee or tea? Did you have breakfast today?

I usually have lunch at around two. Often, I grab something to eat at the cafeteria at my university, but sometimes I go to a nearby café with my friends. If I eat at the cafeteria, I get a steak and some baked beans, or a salad with chicken drumsticks.

Do you eat in a cafeteria?

When I go to a café with my friends, I try to have something exotic, like sushi. I like salmon rolls with cream cheese. Have you ever tried that? It's delicious.

Do you like going to a café?
What is your favorite café?
What do you usually order there?

On some days, I don't have enough time for a normal lunch. Then I have to eat fast food, like a hamburger or some pizza with a soda. But I don't like these days, because fast food is bad for our health.

Do you like fast food?
Why or why not?
Do your friends eat at McDonalds'?

I'm on a diet right now, so I try not to eat heavy food after six. I can have a cup of tea or some yoghurt, but nothing sweet or fat.

Do you eat in the evening?

When I feel really hungry before bedtime, I try to fill my stomach up with fruit. Apples, oranges and kiwi are my favorites.

What is your favorite fruit?
Do you like bananas?

Well, I think it's time to go get something to eat. I'm really hungry after writing this!