Epic Book Battle!

Epic Book Battle!

Many book-lovers still prefer the traditional option and value the tactile sensation of a bound paper book. A portable little e-reader on the other hand can carry an entire library wherever you go, which is great for travelers. So who wins the battle? 


Voiced by: Gareth Mcneill

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Epic Book Battle!  Paper Versus Electronic Books

Who would win the battle between paper and electronic books? There are pros and cons to both formats…

A paper book may be carried around by a reader with ease. However, with e-books, one may just as easily carry an entire library of books! Therefore a point is being given to electronic books!

A paper book is opened with two pages exposed to a reader, whereas with an e-book, one must either use a button or swipe each time they wish to ‘turn' a page. For that reason, one point may be given to paper books, I believe!

Paper books were made to be read only in a lit room, whereas e-books have been made to be read anywhere since they will have their own light source (lit by the reading device itself). Another point to e-books!

But a reader will be inconvenienced by a reading device if its battery dies, however. In such a possible case, e-books readers shall be sitting bored while a paper book is being happily read by someone next to them! Point goes to paper.

Most books which had been written prior to e-book readers had since been reformatted, so they would be available as e-books, too. However, in the near future, most books will have been written by their authors strictly as e-books. Even now, unless a book is written by a famous writer, it may not be printed as a paper book. A book was written by me last year, but it was not ever printed. It was made available as an e-book only.

Another book has been written by my friend, a much more famous writer than I, and that person's book was printed and made available as an e-book. He was always a better writer! In fact, a letter may be written by him to his grandmother and someone would probably wish to publish it! If a question would have been asked by our English teacher, which of the two of us would have become the more famous, then the answer would have been easily found. Him, not me.

One time I was written a letter by him; I kept it to sell on eBay one day. Alas, if a letter would have been written by me to him, no one would ever care! Oh well. Nowadays a letter can be written easier by email than handwriting. But that grammar topic can be written by me at a later date.

Sorry; somewhere along the line the topic of discussion was lost. We have been talking about paper versus electronic books…but no clear victor has been determined. I think it would have been a tie between the two.

Would that have been your conclusion, as well?