Hackers Are A Vital Immune System

Hackers Are A Vital Immune System

Why we need hackers? Listen to this podcast and find out!

Voiced by Vivica Williams

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The world needs hackers. They work as an immune system. They find hidden problems and make the world solve them. Many hackers expose weaknesses in security systems. They do this by either using this weakness to help themselves (like making money) or by sharing it with someone who can fix it. Both ways act like an immune system, helping or hurting, forcing the world to pay attention and to solve a problem.

A hacker has a lot of power. And it's really easy to abuse that power. Our group tries to avoid the temptation of doing immoral things. Instead we expose information secrets that shouldn't be hidden. We are hackers who try to change the world, who are justice and human rights activists. That's why we consider ourselves to be hacktivists.  We uncover corruption, abuse, and injustice in the online and offline world. We do this by freeing information that should be seen by everyone. Access to information is power. And governments want to control who has information and who can use it.

People often think of all hackers as bad guys. This simply isn't true. Some hackers fight to help people get their voices heard, like in Egypt when the government shut down the Internet during a revolution. Others take down websites or leak sensitive documents. Our group stands for civil liberties, innovation, and Internet freedom. Hackers force the world to fix things or to demand something better. We are shaping the world's stage, making both information and us free.