Greeny Сelebrates St Valentine’s Day

Greeny Сelebrates St Valentine’s Day

Greeny likes St Valentine's Day and he is going to make a present for Pinky.


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Voiced by Sophia Pelivanova

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

Story 27. Greeny Сelebrates St Valentine's Day

It is a wonderful snowy day. It's the 14th of February. And we celebrate a lovely holiday on this day. It's Saint Valentine's Day. We give presents to people who we love. I want to give Pinky a present. I will make a Valentine card for her. Pinky likes pink color, so I take pink paper and draw a heart. Then I scissor out the heart and draw a cupid in it. Cupids are little angels who shoot with arrows of love. This cupid looks very funny. Then I draw many purple and orange flowers. Girls like flowers. I writeHappy Valentine's Day!” on a card. The card looks very nice and I think Pinky will like it too. I know that Pinky is a sweet tooth, so I will give her a box of chocolate sweets as a present. The box is big and it has shape of a heart too. Now I am ready. I see Pinky and hide my presents behind my back.

I say:

Happy Valentine's Day! I have a present for you.”

Pinky smiles – “ Happy Valentine's Day, Greeny! I also have a present for you.”

I give her my pink Valentine's card and the box of chocolate sweets. Pinky gives me a green Valentine's card. That's my favourite color. We start laughing. Pinky opens the box of chocolate sweets. They are delicious. Pinky likes my present, she is happy. And I like Saint Valentine's Day.

Do you like to celebrate it? Don't forget to give a present to someone you love!