Hello Mom and Dad!

Hello Mom and Dad!

If you ever wondered what’s it like – to be a baby, listen and find out!

Voiced by Chad Albright

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

Hello Mom and Dad! Here I am, your little baby, whom you've been expecting for so long. Your world greets me with a horrible pain in my lungs. You might be scared, but I'm even more terrified than you are. It was so warm and quiet in the tummy. But now, I can't understand what is going on around me. All these sensations are new to me. That's why I'm crying all the time. You don't know what I want because even I don't know what I want.
This new surrounding scares me. I don't understand what I am and what I should do with myself. I start crying. But suddenly, I feel you holding me. I feel your warm skin. I can hear your heartbeat which is so familiar to mine. Your embrace soothes me. I smell something delicious which reminds me that I'm hungry. The umbilical cord that used to feed me all these months is gone. I start rooting about the source of this smell. I feel mommy's nipple on my lips. At first I don't know what I'm doing and mommy guides me. And now, nature prompts me to open my mouth and suck. Mmm, it tastes so good! I calm down for good and feel comfortable and safe.
Over time I get used to the new surrounding little by little. But only your soft warm skin and sweet voice calms me down and make me stop crying. They are not only comforting but vitally important for my growth and development. For God's sake, never stop cuddling me. I feel so safe and secure in your arms. Your voice and Daddy's voices sound so familiar because these are the same voices I heard inside the womb. I listen to your talking, how the tone, pitch and intonation of your voice changes. Your voice sounds different than daddy's. Trying to comprehend everything that is going on around me tires me very fast. I struggle to open my eyes but the eyelids are so heavy. I yawn and instantly fall asleep.
I have no idea what time is. I have no idea what day it is and what night it is. I wake up and start crying when I feel discomfort. I let out a high pitched scream which means that I ask for attention. I feel wet and it distracts me. Mommy, please do something about it. Please start changing me. I hate being changed, because I feel cold and something or somebody pokes me. I cry harder. A dry diaper and my clothes are put on me and I feel comfortable and warm again. You scoop me up. You talk to me. We are face-to-face now. I don't know what you are saying but it sounds nice. It makes me smile. Too bad I can't see you clearly. It's like looking at the world through a glass bottle.
I start waving with my limbs. But they seem to be strange objects and I can't control them. I'm not even sure whether they are my arm and legs. Oops, I smacked myself in the face! It hurts!
Over the course of time I learn something new every day. I learn to control my body. I learn to understand what is going on around me. I will fail a lot, but I will try over and over again. But I can't do all that on my own. I really need you, Mom and Dad. Help me make my first steps into this strange and scary world. Please, be patient and supportive to me. Give me your unconditional love and guide me on my way. This is all I need.