Kyiv Haters VS Kyiv Lovers

Kyiv Haters VS Kyiv Lovers

LEVEL 2, 1 |

While Kyiv Lover and Kyiv Hater are discussing advantages and disadvantages of our capital city we have a great possibility to learn lots of new English words)Enjoy!


Voiced by Cheryl White

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

          Once upon a time, I had a meeting with my closest friends, Kyiv Hater and Kyiv Lover. Naturally, our conversation was flowing around Kyiv. “Two worst things about Kyiv are illegal parking and horrible street advertising sings on ancient houses,” started Kyiv Hater, “also, too much noise, too many people, too long distances.” Kyiv Lover was ready to defend, “But Kyiv is a beautiful ancient European city…” “ However, they ruin ancient houses to build ugly skyscrapers right at the city center. No respect to history and to Kyiv residents!” it wasn't easy to interrupt Kyiv Hater who's been long dreaming to move to a smaller city like Lviv. “Kyiv Mayor Klitchko cannot speak properly! Corruption is everywhere! Bad tap water! Illegal restaurants! Time-wasting transportation!” Kyiv Hater was unstoppable coz haters gonna hate. Kyiv Lover, however, was still in love with Kyiv, “Look at our wide river and green hills, rapidly developing small businesses, healthy cafés popping out around the city, activists and NGOs fighting to make Kyiv better. Finally, you won't find another city in Ukraine offering cultural events non-stop!”

          I was drinking my glass of wine silently and thinking that the only two things I miss in Kyiv are mountains and clean air. After a bottle of wine my friends became more peaceful. We quit deciding who was right and went to swim in the dirty waters of the magnificent Dnipro river.