Hotel Porter. Part 7. Emotions. Good and bad mood

Hotel Porter. Part 7. Emotions. Good and bad mood

Here is one more story about Mr Truman and not borring at all guests of the hotel. 


Written and voiced by Arina Sidorkina

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

Hotel Porter. Emotions. Good and bad mood.

- Mummy, mummy, I found a necklace! Look! – A boy looked so excited and enthusiastic.

- Oh, it's nice! Very beautiful.

- I give it to you. It's a present for you!

- No, dear, you cannot give me this as a present.

- Why?

- It's not yours. So you cannot give it to anybody.

- But I found it! If I found it it's mine. Mum, it's mine because I found it first. Yes?

- Yes, Philippe, you found it. But somebody lost it! And that person must be very disappointed and gloomy now. Right?

- I don't know...

- Well, do you get upset when you lose your favorite toy?

- Yes...

- Do you want to get it back?

- Yes…

The woman tried to use simple words and examples to explain her son very complicated things that can make confused even an adult. Her voice was calm and peaceful. You could easily guess that mom of that nice boy was a very patient and caring person. Especially with her son. Looking at her you could hardly imagine her being annoyed or angry.

- You see. The person who lost his or her necklace also wants to have this thing back. If you give it back, that person will be very, very happy. Do you want to make somebody happy?

- Yes, but I don't know him. How will I give him this necklace?

- Right, you don't know the person. But let's think together? Where did you find the necklace?

- It was on the sofa in the lobby.

- So, do you think, that person is staying at our hotel?

- Yes, mum! I think he is staying at this hotel with us! Let's go and ask all people who live here! We can go and knock every door! And we will find that person! Ok?

- It will take too long, I guess. Maybe we could just tell the porter that you found this necklace. We will leave it at the reception desk and when the owner passes by, they will give it to him. OK?

- OK! Let's go!

- Honey, I'm busy now. I think you are grown-up enough and can go alone. Besides you found the necklace. Just give it to the porter and tell him to return this thing to its owner. Deal?

- All righty!

Philippe was sorry to give away his new treasure, but very proud that he was going to have a conversation with an adult about such a serious matter. He came to Mr. Truman, showed his find and explained the situation.

- It is very nice, that you decided to return this thing to its owner, my boy. It is very important for him. You know why?

- Because it's beautiful?

- Not only because of that. You see, it's not an ordinary necklace. It is called beads and people use it when they pray.

- Pray? – the boy was a bit surprised and intrigued. - How do they use it?

- When people pray, they talk to God. They ask God for something; tell him about their problems, thank God for everything they have. But there are so many thoughts in our heads, so people are afraid to forget something important they have to say. So when you pray for something, you touch one bead, and then when you switch to another topic, you touch the next bead.

- These beads helped that person to talk to God?

- Yes, son, that's right.

The informative conversation of Mr. Truman and little boy Philippe was rudely interrupted by a stranger.

- You are a little pickpocket! I've been looking for my beads everywhere! How can you even touch it with your smelly hands? Give it to me now! – He snatched the beads out of the boy's hands.

The string broke and beads rolled all over the floor. The three stand still and stop talking. Then Mr. Truman burst into laugh. Philippe didn't understand what was going on. Why was the stranger yelling at him? Why was the porter laughing then? Why do people who talk to God never listen to what God says?