Inventions and Technology

Inventions and Technology

Would you like to have a lawnmover with a radio glued to it?

Some inventions are ingenius and can significantly improve our lifes. Some would probably look pretty silly or even hilariously crazy. Which of these inventions would you actually use?


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Nowadays netizens have the opportunity to learn a lot about groundbreaking inventions from the Internet. People discuss new labour-saving devices, argue about genetic technology and read different studies. Scientists carry out many diverse tests, and new products are launched almost every day. But some of the innovations are really bizarre and might shock a typical consumer. There was a big international contest among inventors. One guy from Scotland had a flash of inspiration and invented a lawnmower with a radio glued to it. You can listen to music while cutting the lawn. The only drawback is that the glue is not strong, so the radio sometimes falls off.

Another inventor brought some face cream. He had been researching human DNA and brain cells and invented a cream that can turn a woman into a man and vice versa. His invention caused many arguments and debates among contestants and jurors. Someone even warned that such an invention could pose a threat to humanity.

One schoolboy from Hungary demonstrated a very special ironing board. The board can be used not only for ironing clothes but also for sewing on buttons and for mending. If you notice a tear while ironing, you can activate a special mechanism which will repair your clothes.

There was also an incident during the competition. One old lady assumed authorship of somebody else's invention. A man called Duncan made a transmitter from grass and herbage. The advantage of this thing is undeniable: it is cheap to make and easy to recycle. It is possible to use old transmitters as fodder for cows. After cows eat it, you can use cow dung for growing new herbage. This cycle is very economical and good for environmental protection. It was obvious this invention was going to win. But the old lady had stolen Duncan's idea, and the judges couldn't decide who was supposed to be the winner. Even profound deliberation didn't help.

So, the winner was a fourteen-year-old girl from Ukraine. She suggested extracting antibiotics from cockroaches. That way people will get cheap medicine and a reasonable decline in the cockroach population.

So you see, the versatility of human beings favors the improvement of imagination and provides better and better comfort in our life.