It’s an Emergency!

It’s an Emergency!

If a sudden problem happened what should you do? In the United States, people call 911. Listen to our podcast and be prepared for any emergency.


Voiced by Vivica Williams, Cheryl White 

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An emergency is a sudden problem that must be addressed quickly. Fires, car accidents, and heart attacks are examples of emergencies. For some emergencies, you need to call someone to help. In the United States, people call 911. The 911 operator will send an ambulance, fire truck, or police officer to help you. Here is an example of a call to 911.

Operator: This is 911. What is your emergency?
Caller: Hello. I think my friend is having a heart attack.
Operator: What is your name?
Caller: My name is Jessica.
Operator: Ok, Jessica. What is your address and mobile number?
Caller: 220 Main Street. Fifth floor. We are in the Jackson Law Office. My mobile number is 370 376 9934. Please hurry!
Operator: Ok, we are sending an ambulance. Please tell me, where is your friend now?
Caller: He's lying on his stomach on the floor. He's unconscious.
Operator: First, turn your friend onto his back. Next, check to see if he is breathing.
Caller: He's not breathing! But I still feel his heart beating. What should I do?
Operator: Ok, calm down Jessica. I'm going to tell you how to do mouth to mouth. Tilt his head back and pinch his nose closed. Cover his mouth with your mouth and blow two regular breaths into his lungs. His chest should rise with each breath. Do you feel the air going in and out?
Caller: Yes. Yes, I do.
Operator: Good. Now keep breathing for him every five seconds.
Caller: Ok…oh! The ambulance is here. Thank you! Thank you so much!