Job Interviews FAQs: Why Do You Want to Work for this Company?

Job Interviews FAQs: Why Do You Want to Work for this Company?

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So, the first question we will focus on is Why Do You Want to Work for this Company?

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Job Interviews FAQs: Why Do You Want to Work for this Company?

Tip: the answer to this job interview question may seem pretty obvious – they have a vacancy, and you are looking for a job :) But it's not as simple as it may seem. By asking this question the employer probably wants to see how serious you are about this job and company in general. Don't miss an opportunity to demonstrate that you are really interested. Before attending a job interview, you should visit the company's website and carefully read everything that might be useful – information about current and future projects, mission statement, products and services and so on. Showing your competence and praising the company you want to work for is good, but there is one more important thing. Although the question is about you and your willingness to work here, the interviewer anyway wants to hear what you can offer them and what value you can add to this company as an employee. So, being well-informed about the company and its needs, emphasizing your relevant skills and experience will definitely make good impression on any employer.

Interviewer: Why do you want to work for this company?

James, 30, is applying for a position of a real estate manager in a famous real estate agency:
Frankly speaking, when I decided to start looking for a job I made a list of the companies where I'd like to continue my career. And your company headed this list. The reputation and projects of YOUR Company are impressive. The mission statement of this company perfectly matches my vision of business activity. The team of real estate managers is very strong and professional. I'm sure that working in this company I will develop and use all my qualifications and experience in this field to our mutual benefit.

Miranda, 27, is applying for a position of a customer service manager in an international company:

I've always wanted to work for an international company. Based on the research that I have done, not only is this company a leader in the industry, but also it has very strong corporate social responsibility policy, which is very important for me. There are many projects that I'd like to participate in. This is a very good opportunity to use all my knowledge and experience and develop them significantly. And I am sure that my strong interpersonal skills will make my work in the customer service department of this company efficient and productive.

Loren, 19, is applying for a position of an administrative assistant in a small company:
Well, as I'm still a student, I haven't got much experience in business field. That is why I'd like to start my career in a reliable company, with friendly employees and comfortable work environment. All these I can find in your company. I believe that my strong organizational skills will help me to perform all the administrative tasks properly, and my outgoing personality will make me a good and helpful team member.


pretty obvious  –  evident and clear enough
vacancy – job opening
current – being in progress now
mission statement – an official statement of the aims and objectives of a business or other organization
competence – specific range of knowledge and skills
praising – expression of admiration
willingness – desire
value – worth or importance of something
emphasize – to stress, to underline
frankly – honestly
to match perfectly  to correspond exactly
mutual benefit – something that is good for both parties
research – careful study to find out some facts
corporate social responsibility policy – policy of the company about its responsibility towards the society, environment and so on
to participate – to take part
interpersonal skills – communicational skills
reliable – the one you can trust and rely on
outgoing – sociable and friendly