Learning Spanish The Hard Way

Learning Spanish The Hard Way

How to get a boy to study? Mrs. Angela Gordon shares her story.


Voice over Sydney Shore 

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

The hardest part of having a boy? Getting him to study. Making him clean his room doesn't even come close. When I hear other moms complaining their kids are nerdy, I roll my eyes. I wish my boy would pick up a textbook once in a while instead of a ball. If he ever does learn something, it's always by chance and never sticks.
My Reuben is a quarterback and last month he got hit on the head
during practice. That boy's skull is thicker than a concrete brick. Usually you can pound on it with a cast iron skillet and he'll be a-okay. But somehow this time he got a severe concussion and spent three days in a coma.
Imagine my surprise, when he came to life speaking nothing but fluent, flawless Spanish! Him, a guy who'd failed his sophomore Spanish class four times! The doctors were baffled. They knew about foreign-accent syndrome. That's when people develop new accents as a post-op complication. It's because their motor skills and speech function get impaired. But Reuben's case was inexplicable.
Unless some of the Spanish they managed to drum into his head at high school did rub off on him after all. And Reuben's head trauma just brought it out of his subconsciousness somehow. But newly acquired linguistic prowess lasted only two weeks, though. At least long enough for Reuben to get his first - and probably last - A on his Spanish midterm.