Idioms with Blue

Idioms with Blue

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Learn idioms in context! 
This podcast is about idioms with 'blue' 

Voiced by Sophia Pelivanova

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Idioms with Blue

Hello, ladies and gentlemen!  

I was thinking what to write about, and then suddenly this great idea appeared out of the blue! I'm gonna tell you about idioms with “blue”!

And the first one was already out there. 'To appear out of the blue'. Any ideas what this means? It means to appear unexpectedly, suddenly.

Can you remember a situation when some person appeared out of the blue?
Were you happy to see him/her? 

When the weather is bad I feel blue.

What does to feel blue mean?
It means feel sad and depressed.

Are you feeling blue now?
If not, that's great! And if you are, then cheer up!

Yesterday, I argued with my mom till I was blue in the face, but I still didn't convince her.

Can you find a “blue” idiom here? I can. “Till I was blue in the face”.
What does it mean? Yay! It means “for a long time”.

Have you ever argued with anyone till you were blue in the face?
Did you manage to persuade this person?

Do you like dancing? When I was a kid, I used to practice till I was black and blue. I hurt all over, I fell so many times.

What does “black and blue” mean?
What does a person get when he or she falls down? Yes, a bruise.
So, “black and blue” means covered in bruises.

Have you ever practiced sports so hard that you were black and blue?

Do you like drawing? I do. At least I used to. Nowadays I don't have enough time for it. Well, I do sketch once in a blue moon, but still, not as often as I used to.

What does “once in a blue moon” stand for? Can you think of synonyms?
It means “rarely”, not very often.

Is there something you love doing but actually do once in a blue moon?

I have a friend, who is quite poor. But she's so unique and gentle, everyone is sure that she has blue blood in her veins.

Found a blue idiom here?
I have. “Blue blood”. So, what is it?
It means to have a noble and aristocratic family.

Do you have blue blood?
If not, perhaps you have friends who do?

When I was choosing which profession to get, I knew one thing: I didn't want to be a blue-collar worker.

What is a blue collar worker? What do they do?
You're right, they are people who earn their living by doing physical work, not mental.
There are construction workers, plumbers and so on.

Do you know any blue-collar workers?

No matter what I do, my friends are true-blue, they always stand by me.

What does “true-blue” mean?
It means that someone supports you completely.

Are you always true-blue for your friends?

Well, now you know some blue idioms!
Don't you ever feel blue about it!
Watch out for our other idioms podcasts in this series!

Good luck! See you soon!