An Awkward Annual Dinner

An Awkward Annual Dinner


At the end of the year workers meet up, talk about their personal lives and share their various accomplishments. If you want to understand better how to use Present Perfect tense, listen to their conversation and use this grammar in your everyday speech.


Voiced by: Gareth Mcneill

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

An Awkward Annual Dinner

At the end of the every year, the office workers meet up for drinks at McGrath's Seafood Restaurant. They talk about their personal lives and share their various accomplishments. But sometimes, they say things they wish they hadn't…
“I have dated a few nice girls,” Dennis said, after too many drinks, “but I have never had a real girlfriend.”
“What about Melissa?” Dave asked, laughing with food in his mouth. “I have seen you with her a few times!”
“I think I have gone out with her three times. But she has never liked me.”
“That is not true,” Incilay said. “Melissa has always liked you! But she told me you have never called her back.”
“What?” Dennis sat up and spilled his drink on the table. “She said that?”
Dave put his hand on Dennis's arm. “Maybe we can talk about something else. Has anyone seen the new Star Wars movie?”
“Of course, everyone on Earth has seen it!” Incilay stated. Her husband, Mark, whispered something in her ear. “Everyone, Mark says my voice has become too loud!”
Everyone at the table nodded. “Your voice has gotten louder and more annoying over the past year, actually,” Dennis said. “Now tell me what Melissa has said.”
“She and I have had many discussions about you. None of them have been good.”
Dave and Mark looked at each other and frowned. Dennis's face was turning red, and he was becoming angry.
“Okay,” said Mark, standing up. He took out his wallet and called the waiter. “I think we should be going.”
“Not yet,” Dennis said, slamming his fist on the table. “Incilay has not finished saying what she wants to say.”
“Melissa has waited for you to ask her on another date,” Incilay said, calmly putting on her coat. “Now it is too late. If you had called her, you would have had a girlfriend. Instead, you can go watch Star Wars by yourself. I heard you had seen it five times already!”
Dennis crossed his arms. “I have not seen it five times. Only four times.”
Mark and Incilay paid their bill and said their goodbyes, leaving Dennis and Dave sitting alone.
“Well. I have had a great time tonight,” Dave said, finishing his cheeseburger.
“Why did you get a cheeseburger at a fish restaurant?” Dennis asked, still upset.
“I have visited this restaurant many times, every time I had the fish, I became sick,” Dave told his friend. “What did you have? The salmon?”
“Yes,” Dennis said, holding his stomach. “I have only eaten here once before. Last year.”
“What did you eat last year?”
Dennis got up and ran toward the restroom. “Last year,” he yelled over his shoulder, “I had a cheeseburger!”
Dave sat alone at the table, looking at his drink. He had been coming to these end-of-year dinners for the last ten years. Every time, something had happened and Dave had been left sitting alone. He beckoned the waiter to come.
“Have you had a good evening, sir?” the waiter asked, handing over the bill.
“It has been wonderful,” Dave said, paying for his friend's dinner, as well. “As always.”