Spike Thorny & The Power Of Reflection

Spike Thorny & The Power Of Reflection

Reporting live from a windowsill near you, it’s special correspondent Spike Thorny. Yes, ladies, the “t” is silent… and yes, I am a prick in case the barbs didn’t give you enough of a clue.

This just in: life on the windowsill really puts the “suck” in “succulent.” As an aspiring investigative journalist I am wasting away. So, to stay on point, I am launching a series of exposés, Around the apartment in 80 interviews. And by 80 I mean 18, or something 8-adjacent at best, because unlike other cacti, I have trouble sticking to things.

Follow me as I’m taking jabs at the occupants of this two-bedroom walk-up!


Voiced by Bob Skinner and Charlie Felter


Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

Spike Thorny & the power of reflection

- So. You're a… heeeeeeeeeeyyyy, gorgeous! How you doin'?
- Ok, I'll wait.
- What's a fine opuntia cholla like you doing in a dump like this?
- Take your time.
- Can I interest you in a shot of tequila or would that be bad taste? Ha-ha, get it?
- You'll catch on eventually.
- Whadda you say we bolt? I know a shelf up north where we can… wait a minute.
- There you go.
- Have I been talking to myself the whole time?
- To your reflection, yes.
- How much of that have you heard? Also, this is not what it looks like!
- It never is. I mean, I'm a mirror, I should know.
- Are all mirrors jerks?
- Whoa, we don't generate content. We display it. Think of me as a perpetual clean slate. A vessel to be filled.
- You're so zen.
- I'm so not. See, the thing is: for others, reflection is a way to get back to reality. That's how they examine themselves and their life choices – speaking of choices, lay off the fertilizers, you can stand to drop a few grams. For me, reflection is the reality. I observe - but I long to act! I review - when my wish is to create! I examine, though I… and you didn't hear a word of it, did you?
- You really think I need to lose weight? It's the thorns, they make me look bulky, don't they?
- And once again, I show the forest and they focus on the trees…