Lazy Pumpkin Strudel

Lazy Pumpkin Strudel

Even if you aren’t good at cooking you will definitely love this easy and tasty recipe. Enjoy!

Voiced by Cheryl White

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

          A pumpkin strudel is a perfect autumn desert. For me, the official start of autumn comes with street sellers selling pumpkin. Here's a fast, tasty and healthy recipe which takes less than half an hour before going to the oven. Lazy chefs will love it since instead of making dough you can use lavash, an Armenian flatbread, from the nearest shop.
          You need the following ingredients:
• 1 kilo of pumpkin
• Armenian lavash (3 pieces)
• Dark raisins – 100 grams
Cinnamon – 1 spoon
• Sugar – 3 spoons
• Olive oil to spray the rolls

          Take around 1 kilo of fresh bright flavorous pumpkin, cut it into pieces, then grate them. Then take one piece of Armenian lavash and cover it generously with grated pumpkin, putting raisins, 1 spoon of sugar and a bit of cinnamon on top of pumpkin. Make a roll and spray olive oil on it. Make three wraps like this. Put them into the oven at 180-200 degrees for 40-60 minutes until pumpkin stuffing is ready. It may be decorated with powdered sugar and served with cover. The amazing thing about this recipe is that it's impossible to fail with it!