Greeny. Story 11. At the Zoo

Greeny. Story 11. At the Zoo

LEVEL 1, 2 |

It's a special day - Greeny and Pinky are going to the zoo.

What animals will they see their? 


Voiced by Sophia Pelivanova

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Story 11. At the Zoo

Today is a special day - Pinky and I are going to the zoo.

“What animals do you like?” – I ask her.

“I like elephants because they are big and they have a funny trunk. And you?”

“I like tigers and lions because they are very strong”.

So firstly we go and look at the elephants, tigers and lions.

“Do you like giraffes, Greeny?”

“Yes, I do, giraffes are tall and they have a very long neck”.

When we look at the giraffes, Pinky says:

“Look, Greeny! There are some monkeys” – and we come closer to the cage with monkeys.

“I like monkeys, they eat bananas” – says Pinky.

“And I like to eat bananas too” – I say and then I hear somebody repeating:

“I like bananas too, I like bananas too”.

I am a little scared and I ask:

“Who is that, Pinky?”

She starts laughing:

“Ha-ha, Greeny, it's a parrot!”

And a parrot repeats:

“It's a parrot, it's a parrot!”

“Oh, Pinky! I don't like parrots. Let's go and see kangaroos”.

“Ok” – says Pinky – “I like kangaroos, they can jump”.

After the kangaroos we go to look at zebras – they are black and white and they eat grass. Then Pinky says:

”Greeny, all these animals are so big. Are there any small animals in the zoo?”

“Sure! Let's go and I will show you turtles and lizards”.

When Pinky looks at the turtles they are scared and they hide their heads, and lizards run very quickly and also hide.

“I like turtles and lizards” – says Pinky – “they are funny”.

“And I like the zoo” – I say.

But it's time for us to go home, so we say goodbye to the animals and disappear.



  • special day – особенный день
  • zoo – зоопарк
  • animals – животные
  • elephants – слоны
  • big – большой
  • trunk – хобот
  • funny – смешной
  • tigers – тигры
  • lions – львы
  • because – потому что
  • strong – сильный
  • giraffes – жирафы
  • tall - высокий
  • long - длинный
  • neck - шея
  • monkeys - обезьяны
  • closer - ближе
  • cage - клетка
  • somebody – кто-то
  • repeat – повторять
  • scared – напуган
  • laugh – смеяться
  • kangaroos – кенгуру
  • jump – прыгать
  • zebras – зебры
  • grass – трава
  • show – показывать
  • turtles – черепахи
  • lizards – ящерицы
  • hide – прятаться
  • head – голова
  • quickly – быстро
  • run – бегать
  • disappear – исчезать