Legs Issues, Gender Issues

Legs Issues, Gender Issues


Have you ever heard about mansperading? No? But I bet you’ve seen it. In the Underground. In the rush hour…


Voiced by Cheryl White

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

Every day that same shitty picture in the Underground. Normally, six people fit into a bench of the metro train. However, each time I see some man with legs wide open. Does he have fragile balls or what? I see a curvy girl sitting next to him with her legs shut. Poor girl can barely find space for her because of his “manly” body posture.
It's called “manspreading” – this term is used “to describe men who spread their legs – particularly on subway trains – to make room for their genitalia,” as Urban Dictionary says. New York, Seattle and Madrid have conducted campaigns against manspreading on public transport. But this has never happened in patriarchal Ukraine. Hey, men, keep your legs modestly shut. Hey women, don't hesitate to comment on that, “Close your freaking legs”. When there's a man sitting like this next to me, I don't usually comment on that. I just don't like social interactions with strangers. Instead, I open my legs wide enough to conquer my space back. You know what happens? The man next to me usually shuts his legs together. Quietly.
However, devil's advocates claim that women set large purses and shopping bags next to them and take up another seat too, and nobody notices. And manspreading is nothing more but a crazy idea created by wild feminists. Well, whatever people say, one person should take one seat. If you're not okay with that, you'd better keep out of my way.