Okay, Google, Who Invented Condom?

Okay, Google, Who Invented Condom?

Juicy details about rubber invention. Ready to listen?)


Voiced by Charlie Felter

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

So here you are to bother me with a question “who invented the condom”. Well, my answer is the caveman did! Yep, that was the gloomy and hairy caveman who at that time was smart enough to realize that wrapping the penis up with… erm… sheep's bladder could actually be a wonderful thing to do! Go check the cave paintings, you can definitely find some archaic evidence there, I'm telling ya! What is it that you're now asking me? What's that again? How did cave people make love with a sheep's bladder on between them? Because it might have felt like making love with a sheep as well, in a sort of menage a trois fashion? I'm not sure I wanna answer that! But what I'd like to add to this informative piece of condom news though is that during the time of the Roman Empire, all those people who merrily partied across the land day and night were actually using an innovative version of a protective means – condoms made of linen. Exactly! Sounds weird, but they were accurately sewn by hand, piece to piece, and, the sources say, were designed to fit perfectly well. There is no factual data though whether such protection worked well or not. Curious to know more? All right! Aristocrats in Asia experimented a lot by using animal horns or tortoise shells, although I am not sure I want to imagine THAT. Erm… Let's open the Encyclopedia and read the following: “In 1839, Charles Goodyear invented rubber vulcanization, and shortly after that the rubber condom appeared in 1855”. It was reusable and as thick as a bicycle inner tube; the history keeps quiet about the destiny of the first test pilot. The invention of latex marked the year of 1920, and the era of Durex began. And that's it. So go to a drugstore and buy yourself some high quality rubber goodies. And be grateful. For not having to use a sheep bladder.