Al Pachino Coffee or Sales Analysis

Al Pachino Coffee or Sales Analysis

When presenting results of your work, you often need to describe some graphs. 
This podcast provides you with some useful vocabulary to describe facts and figures. 


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Al Pachino Coffee or Sales Analysis

And finally, we get to the last point of our agenda. It is dedicated to the sales figures of the most popular item that our company produces – ‘Al Pacino Coffee'. As you can see from the chart, in January sales revenue was €500 000. At the very beginning of the year we launched a couple of very successful projects. Although many of our rivals were skeptical about that and thought we wouldn't cope with a few projects at a time, the payoff came in due time and right in February the revenue went up to €650 000, so it was €150 000 bigger than previous month, and that was, I must say, a brilliant start to the year.

However, March was not as favourable for us as January. Mr. Robinson, the head of our marketing department, broke his shoulder at the aquapark, and while one of our most important employees was on sick-leave, the company lost approximately €50 000. So, in March, when the revenue dipped by €50 000, it was €600 000.

But when Mr. Robinson recovered he proved that he really is an outstanding employee. The marketing department launched an advertising campaign which was a real miracle. Due to it April revenue rocketed by €300 000 and equaled €900 000, and that's not an April Fool's joke. I think it's high time to say “Thank you” to our marketing department. Although some of us thought that was the pick of our success and it would be impossible to do better, we proved them wrong, and in May the revenue even edged up by €10 000, and that means that the revenue in May reached the point of €910 000.

In June and July there was a revenue drop of €200 000 and €300 000 respectively.

Of course, Mr. Tomas. In June the revenue decreased by €200 000 compared to revenue in May and in July it decreased by €300 000 compared to revenue in May.

The reason lies in the specifics of these months. June and July were really harsh for us because lots of people went on vacations and they didn't have to stay up at night working some extra hours or studying for an exam, that's why they drank less coffee than in busy periods at work. So the demand declined severely and the revenue in June and July was €710 000 and €610 000 respectively. However, the demand increased in August, and so did the revenue, it went up by a quarter. There was another jump in September, the revenue climbed by €100 000.

Of course, we will never forget October of the last year. Neither will our rivals because they hoped to win the tender. But it was us who signed a two year contract with a network of fast food restaurants. After that the revenue rocketed again, and it rose to €1 000 000! In November it fell by €10 000, but that small decline was compensated by our success in December.

In December we placed the commercial of ‘Al Pacino Coffee' on Facebook and other social networks. And the slogan that Mr. Robinson came up with really persuaded people that our coffee was one of the best presents for their colleagues for New Year. And that was how the revenue edged up by €12 000, and in December it was €1 012 000.

Last but not least. This year was really rough for all of us, we had some difficulties from the very beginning of the year to say nothing of summer when the revenue plummeted by €300 000. But on the other hand, it was very interesting and profitable. Overall, we gained new segments of market and the revenue increased by 100%. I am sure all that would be impossible without such an awesome team as you are, so I am happy to inform you that there will be a considerable salary raise for all of you!

But don't get too exited. Tomorrow we are going to speak about ‘Yakubovich Milk', and the figures there are not as delightful as today's ones.