Public Transport Survival. The Underground

Public Transport Survival. The Underground

LEVEL 5, 4 |

What are the most annoying things you can face on public transport?


Voiced by Charlie Felter

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

This morning Peter's car suddenly broke down. What a pity! He has to hurry up, so he dives into the underground station to catch a train. It's been a long time since he has used the underground, the color of the token has even changed! He bought one, entered through the checkpoint and went down the escalator. The moment his feet touched the platform, the train arrived, its doors slid open and people poured outside. Their quantity was both intimidating and endless, and Peter nearly got knocked down. “Excuse me… er… oops!.. I beg your pardon, I didn't mean to…” – he was trying to be polite, while spinning around the strangers. A big lady in a fur coat pushed him with her shoulder. “Oh, I apologize for… Sorry!” – said Peter and started to make his way to the carriage. Suddenly, it felt as if a giant elephant stepped on his left foot. Peter turned his head to see if he was right and the elephant did escape from the zoo. But it was merely a muscle man in heavy military boots. Feeling sorry for his foot, Peter entered the train and got immediately pressed against the door, even though it was clearly written on it: DO NOT LEAN. He was badly trying not to, but this rebellious-looking school boy just kept pushing him! “Excuse me?” – Peter gave it a try. To no avail. The boy's backpack was touching Peter's face rather brutally here and there. “Erm… I am awfully sorry to say that, but could you possibly remove your backpack, please? It is causing me slight inconveniences…” – asked Peter politely. The school boy seemed totally indifferent as all other strangers who were trespassing his personal space. The train stopped. Peter decided that he had seen it all and was happy to leave the Underground. He was hoping to catch a bus to the city center. Oh, how little did he know about public transport! Another road adventure was about to begin!