Spike Thorny & Mr. Whiskers

Spike Thorny & Mr. Whiskers

Reporting live from a windowsill near you, it’s special correspondent Spike Thorny. Yes, ladies, the “t” is silent… and yes, I am a prick in case the barbs didn’t give you enough of a clue.

This just in: life on the windowsill really puts the “suck” in “succulent.” As an aspiring investigative journalist I am wasting away. So, to stay on point, I am launching a series of exposés, Around the apartment in 80 interviews. And by 80 I mean 18, or something 8-adjacent at best, because unlike other cacti, I have trouble sticking to things.

Follow me as I’m taking jabs at the occupants of this two-bedroom walk-up!

Voiced by Charlie Felter and Cheryl White

Словарь Ножницы Перевод Значение Замена

Spike Thorny & Mr. Whiskers

- So. You're a cat. How's that working out for you?
- Back off, spiky. I have a restraining order against you. You pricked me, remember?
- You tried to knock me off the shelf!
- It's called “exploring.” Look it up.
- Boy, you could get away with murder, couldn't you?
- Who says I haven't?
- How do you always come out smelling like a rose?
- “Win the crowd, and you'll win your freedom.” The bipeds love me.
- And that's what bugs me – why?
- What are you implying? I'm lovable.
- Here's your day in a nutshell: eat, sleep, scratch, poop, repeat. It's not like you contribute in any way.
- Right. I'm an enigma. Humans can't figure me out.
- Meaning?
- I'm living their dreams: do nothing, have everything, not give a damn about anything. But how did I get there? What's my secret?
- What is your secret?
- You reap what you sow. I give humans what they want.
- Which is what exactly? Cat hair on every surface in the house? Rancid litter box?
- The sense of achievement.
- I don't follow. Most of the time, you ignore humans - if anything.
- And when I do notice them, they feel special. Chosen. Approved.
- As if all their efforts to make you love them have finally paid off…
- Precisely.
- You know what? For a cat, you're a real son of a bitch.