Stop Eating Cereal Right Now!

Stop Eating Cereal Right Now!

95% of cereals we eat and that we feed our children is unhealthy. Why is cereal so bad for us? Listen and find out now!


Voiced by Chad Albright

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As an American, it hurts me enormously to say this, but 95% of their cereals we eat and that we feed our children is unhealthy. What's worse for me, like I said, I'm an American, is that once I left the USA to teach in foreign countries, I found it very unusual that the supermarkets did not have an entire aisle for cereal because in the USA, every supermarket has at least 60 different cereals to choose from. But it turns out, that it is better to not rely on cereal so much and American supermarkets are strange, not foreign supermarkets.

So why is cereal bad for us? First, cereal is 100% processed food, which means it is not natural. Second, cereal is loaded with sugar. In fact, some American cereals have more sugar per serving than four chocolate chip cookies! Third, when cereal is processed in a factory, the process of creating it destroys virtually all of the nutrients, so the companies put artificial ingredients in the cereal so the manufacturers can legally say that their cereal is healthy and contains vitamins. The only problem with this is that your body can only absorb vitamins naturally, not artificially. Finally, this high amount of sugar that is in cereal is also bad for your teeth, your digestive system, liver functions, and can affect fertility. So, in conclusion, stop eating cereal!